Translation agency in Krasnodar


Our services for foreigners


Thanks to native speakers and state-of-the-art technology, our translation agency is able to offer you a wide range of services for different sectors:

  • Translations and legalization of personal documents
  • Retrieving duplicates of documents (birth certificate, etc.)
  • Notification of documents
  • Apostille
  • Russian translation and localization of a website's pages
  • Interpreting
  • Resume translation into Russian
  • Interpreters (Italian, English, French) to participate in exhibitions, stand-promoters
  • Guides - Interpreters, Individual Excursions and Trips Groups around Krasnodar, Krasnodar Region and Republica Adyghea
  • Russian courses as a foreign language (license of the Ministry of Education and Science)

Privacy policy


Personal data collected for the following purposes and using the following services: 

Contact form


Personal Information: surname, email, address, name, phone number, province, state and various types of data 

Contact by phone


Personal Information: name, phone number



Passport legalization


5300 rub


Apostille on a notarized document


4500 rub

Apostille on a notarized document with translation from English, Deutsch , Italiano into Russian

5300-6800 rub


Apostille on a notarized document with translation from another language into Russian

ask the manager

tel. +7 (988) 242-19-67

Retrieving duplicates of documents (birth certificate, etc.) in Krasnodar (for  people   who were born in Krasnodar but live abroad)

Retrieving a dublicate of the birth certificate in the archive

Notarization of a duplicate,


sending by express mail




4000 rub

1000 rub

3500 rub

depends on the location of destination

Do you need more information? 

You can contact us directly by email or phone to our contact details: 
Email:  mobile  +7 (961) 53 - 57- 381  
Office phone: +7 (988) 2421967 
Address:   Karassunskaja str. 82/1, Krasnodar city,
Krasnodar Region, 350000, RF 
Postal address: 350000, PO box 5672  




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